Aval Puttu | Poha Puttu | Red Poha Puttu Recipe

Indulge in the Sweet Symphony of South India

Aval Sweet Puttu, also known as Poha Sweet Puttu or Red Poha Sweet Puttu, is a mouthwatering South Indian dessert that combines the delicate textures of flattened rice with a delightful infusion of sweetness. This traditional recipe hails from the southern regions of India, where it is a beloved treat enjoyed on special occasions and festivals.

To create this indulgent dish, begin by washing and soaking aval (flattened rice) or red poha in water, allowing them to swell and soften. After draining, the softened flakes are combined with fragrant grated coconut and a generous amount of sugar, imparting a delectable sweetness to the mixture. It is then steamed to perfection, allowing the flavors to meld together harmoniously.

The result is a dessert that is both light and comforting, with the sweet notes of sugar perfectly balancing the natural nuttiness of coconut and the delicate texture of the aval. It’s often garnished with ghee-roasted nuts like cashews and almonds, adding a delightful crunch to each bite.

Aval Sweet Puttu is a cherished treat that captures the essence of South Indian cuisine’s diversity and culinary craftsmanship. Whether enjoyed as a dessert or served with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, it’s a delightful way to satisfy your sweet cravings and savor the rich flavors of South India.

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Aval Puttu | Poha Puttu | Red Poha Puttu Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 15 mins
Servings: 2
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



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  1. Begin by taking cleaned red thick poha. Roast it over a medium-low flame for about 10 minutes until a pleasant aroma arises.

  2. Keep them aside and allow to cool.

  3. Transfer everything int o a mixie jar and grind them to coarse powder like rava consistency.

  4. Transfer these ground red poha powder in to a wide bowel.

  5. Add pinch of salt to this puttu.

  6. Gradually add a little hot water to prepare the puttu flour.

  7. Add little by little hot water to reach the desired consistency.

  8. The desired consistency is when the flour feels slightly moist to the touch.

  9. Keep them aside for 5 minutes.

  10. Add grated coconut and mix them well.

  11. Steam cook the puttu flour in the idli plate. Use dry clothes for idli plate.

  12. Keep ready the idli pan with boiling water.

  13. Place the idli plate having red poha puttu flour.

  14. Tightly close with the lid and steam cook for about 5 minutes over medium flame.

  15. After 5 minutes remove from the idli pan.

  16. Transfer this cooed puttu flour in to a bowel.

  17. Add jaggery powder.

  18. Sprinkle little bit of ghee. Add cardamom powder as you wish.

  19. For platter, in a small bowel add some grated coconut.

  20. Place the warm puttu flour and slightly pressed to set.

  21. Invert the bowl and place it in this position.

  22. The red poha puttu has taken a well-formed shape.

  23. Delicious and healthy red poha puttu is ready to be served.


  • Use dry clothes to steam cook the puttu flour in idli pan.
  • Tightly close the idli pan lid otherwise water vapor will form and make the mor wet puttu flour.
  • Instead of jaggery powder you can use sugar, brown sugar, palm sugar.
  • Add cardamom powder for nice aroma.
  • If you want garnishing, add ghee roasted cashew nuts.
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