Butter Murukku Recipe | Butter Chakli Recipe | Benne Chakli Recipe


Murukku is typically made from rice and urad dal flour. There are many variations of murukku made with different ingredients and their proportions. This butter murukku made with processed rice flour, gram flour and roasted chana dal powder. The flours are mixed with water, salt, spices, asafoetida, sesame seeds and cumin seeds. The mix is kneaded into a dough, which is shaped into spiral or coil or simple shapes either by hand or extruded using a mould. The spirals are then deep fried in vegetable oil. There are many types of murukku recipes made in our Tamilnadu. The dish has many variations, resulting from the types and proportions of flours used. Mullu Muruku has an uneven texture that gives it an extra crunch. ‘Mullu’ refers to thorns in Tamil and the snack derives its name from this. The Kai Murukku (literally, “hand murukku”) is made by hand using a stiffer dough. Did you taste that kai murukku in shop? I prepared every snacks on my own for Diwali but my favourite is store bought kai murukku. We need some change rite. But homemade preparations only good for health mainly for kids.

Watch Butter murukku recipe.

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Butter Murukku Recipe | Butter Chakli Recipe | Benne Chakli Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 25 mins
Servings: 7
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


How to make Butter Murukku Recipe | Butter Chakli Recipe | Benne Chakli Recipe

  1. Use store bought rice flour and gram flour. For roasted chana dal powder add these in to mixie jar.

  2. Grind them in to fine powder.

  3. To prepare butter murukku, firstly make ready to sieve the store-bought flours.

  4. In a fine sieve, take processed rice flour / idiyappam maavu.

  5. To this add store bought gram flour.

  6. Add roasted chana dal powder.

  7. Add asafoetida powder.

  8. Sift nicely to remove hard particles.

  9. Add cumin seeds.

  10. Add cleaned sesame seeds (white or black).

  11. Add salt.

  12. Add unsalted fresh butter.

  13. Mix well with clean hand.

  14. Add normal water little by little and mix well.

  15. Prepare like soft chapati dough, not too tight or thin.

  16. This is a one star shaped disc and will be a part of the murukku maker that you have.

  17. Greece well with oil inside of the kitchen press or murukku maker.

  18. Divide the dough in two parts and add first part in kitchen press. Cover the second part of dough with a kitchen towel.

  19. Fill fully and tightly close the kitchen press.

  20. Heat oil for frying the murukku.

  21. Test the hotness of the oil. Add a small piece of the dough in the oil and it should come up progressively. If it comes up fast, the oil is hot, so reduce the flame. If it sticks or is at the bottom or comes up slowly, the oil is not hot enough, so increase the heat flame.

  22. Press holding the kitchen press directly on top of the oil and let the murukku directly fall in the oil.

  23. Do it in batches to avoid stick altogether. Do not disturb immediately as they can break.

  24. Fry the murukku till the oil stops sizzling or till they become crisp and golden. Do not brown them too much.

  25. Place the fried murukku on kitchen paper towels to soak extra or excess oil.

  26. This way fries the remaining murukku in batches.

  27. Once they cool at room temperature, then store murukku in an airtight container or jar at room temperature.

  28. Crispy and tasty butter murukku is now ready for serving or neivedyam.


  • Deep fry these murukku in a medium to low flame. so that it gets cooked evenly.
  • If the murukku breaks in the oil, the dough is slightly dry. Add a few teaspoons of water. Mix very well and knead the dough again.
  • If you do not get a proper shape, then this means that the dough has become too moist. Add some rice flour and mix well.
  • Taste the murukku piece and if it feels dense or hard, then add 1 to 2 teaspoon more of butter. Mix very well and knead again.
  • If the murukku looks very oil and has absorbed too much of oil, then add a few teaspoons of rice flour and mix again. This happens if too much fat has gone in the dough.
  • Store these snacks in an airtight container for longer shelf life. it should easily last long for a minimum of 2-3 weeks easily.
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