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Vadai is one of the popular traditional south Indian snacks made using Urad Dhal (Ulundhu). perfectly crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside – defines a perfect vadai. It’s also served as an appetizer. Vadai occupies a special place in breakfast combo and special occasion meals.  It is also prepared during festivals for neivedyam. Typically, it is served with idli and pongal. the idli vada / pongal vada combination with chutney and sambar is the popular breakfast in many households. Many people make medhu Vada with a piece of banana leaf or a polythene cover, for making shape of Vada. But in hotel/restaurants, without using anything, just using our one hand make beautiful vada. Making the fluffy batter is the key to crisp and fluffy vada. Always grind the Vadai batter with very less amount of water. If you are using mixie for grinding Vadai batter, mixie might turn hot with minimal water so always sprinkle very little ice-cold water and grind. Even for grinder Vadai better, you can use ice-cold water to avoid heat. If you use a small mixie jar for grinding batter in the mixie. If you have soaked a lot of dals, grind in batches to prevent mixie from turning hot. Sprinkle cold water and grind the water. Avoid the blender breaks down (as mortar turns hot). Always Fry Vadai in medium flame. Medhu vada fried on hot oil might turn brown soon but won’t cook through. If the oil is not hot enough or if the urad dal is over soaked, Medu vada can absorb a lot of oil. A slightly thin batter absorbs a lot of oil. That time you can add some rice flour to make correct consistency. For my kids I put like very small ball like one bite sized vadas.

Watch Ulundu vada recipe in Tamil.

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Crispy Medu Vada | Vada Recipes | South Indian Vada | Ulundu Vada Recipes

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Rest Time 2 hour Total Time 2 hrs 20 mins
Servings: 6


How to make Medu Vada Recipe

  1. Take whole white urad dal wash and soak it for 2 hrs.

  2. To grind the vada batter in wet grinder, completely drain the soaked water.

  3. Add water very little by little.

  4. Sprinkle water to grind batter for about 25minutes.

  5. To check the correct consistency, take little amount of batter.

  6. Drop it in to water it should be float in one place. (Should not be sink or dilute)

  7. Remove the batter from grinder and keep it the vessel.

  8. If you grind vada batter in mixie, grind them in batches.

  9. Batter look like little yellowish not that mush fluffy like the batter prepared in wet grinder.

  10. To make this batter fluffy, continuously mix for 10 minutes in one direction either with whisk or for 5 minutes with electric beater.

  11. Batter become fluffy looks like batter prepared in grinder.

  12. Add black pepper and chopped ginger.

  13. Add chopped curry leaves and coriander leaves.

  14. Add asafoetida powder.

  15. Add salt to this batter.

  16. Add chopped onion.

  17. Mix everything well with clean hand.

  18. Vada batter is now ready to fry.

  19. To prepare the vada, wet the hand and take small ball sized batter.

  20. Using thumb make a hole in the middle.

  21. Heat oil for frying.

  22. Drop one by one and do it in batches to avoid overcrowding.

  23. Fry them in medium flame until both the sides turn crisp and golden brown.

  24. Once vada turn golden brown take them out without oil.

  25. Yummy crispy vada is ready to munch.

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