Today I have for you all an easy & flavorful ” KARPOORAVALLI ( OMAVALLI ) RASAM / Ajwain Leaves Rasam ” a great dish to tickle your taste buds and an excellent home remedy for indigestion common cold. This is flavorful refreshing Rasam with no Rasam powder.. this simple and healthy Rasam recipe taste just awesome !!

Karpooravalli/ indian borage leaves / Ajwain leaves is aromatic, fleshy & medicinal herb widely used in india. It is easy to make and best remedy for reduce cold, cough or sore throat. Only use 3 to 4 leaves. Dont use too much.

This RASAM is a soothing comfortable easy Rasam recipe made using freshly ground spices and omavalli leaves. This Rasam can be had as a soup too. Rasam rice is a super comfortable food and I can have it any time of the day. As the weather is also getting cold and raining most of the days, this omavalli Rasam is a best one to control common cold and throat pain. Generally omavalli or Karpooravalli leaves is added in homemade kashayams to treat common cold. Try this Rasam and enjoy the weather.

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Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 10
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


To Prepare Rasam

To Temper


Off On

  1. First take the big bowl add tamarind water. Then add cooked  Toor dal water too.

  2. Add Chopped 1 Tomato(1.5 Cup chopped),curry leaves & coriander leaves.

  3. Add Turmeric Powder & required salt.

  4. Mix all ingredients using hand.

  5. Add required water then mix it well. add 1 green chili too.

  6. Next take the mortar pestle or small blender jar. Add Black pepper, cumin seeds & Coriander seeds . Crush like a coarse powder.

  7. In the same mortar pestle first crush the garlic cloves.

  8. Next add the Ajwain leaves / Karpooravalli leaves , crush the leaves like a garlic (Don't make a paste).

  9. Now Rasam mixture & fresh rasam powder is ready. Next prepare the Rasam.

  10. Heat the pan with oil & ghee. once the oil is hot temper using under 'To temper' Ingredients list.

  11. Now add crushed garlic & ajwain leaves mixture , Sauté about few seconds in medium flame.

  12. Next add crushed black pepper ,cumin seeds & coriander seeds powder. Sauté it in medium flame until to get nice aroma. While sauté add few fresh curry leaves too.

  13. Then add tomato , sauté until tomato cook well not mushy.

  14. Once the tomato cooked well add tamarind tomato mixture .

  15. Mix it well , In this stage Adjust the water & salt & spicy .

  16. Add little jaggery powder & little ghee to to taste. Its totally optional it will enhance the taste.

  17. Cook the rasam in medium flame until Rasam becomes frothy, switch off the flame(Don't over boil the rasam).

  18. Now yummy & tasty Rasam is ready to serve. Serve with paruppu thuvayal it will be very good


  • fresh karpooravalli  leaves to get a nice aroma.
  • Instead of  karpooravalli  leaves you can use 1/2 tsp ajwain seeds too ,wile crush the pepper add this too .
  • Do not consume this rasam on a very regular basis as it will generate more heat to the body.
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