Kumbakonam Kadappa Recipe | Side Dish for Idli


Kumbakonam Kadappa Recipe is a very famous side dish for Idli and dosa from the Kumbakonam/Tanjore region of Tamil Nadu. It is a stew made using moong dal and potatoes with the addition of coconut in it. The simplicity of the dish makes it pretty flavorful and a brilliant side dish for any south Indian breakfast recipes. Serve the Kumbakonam Kadappa Recipe along with steaming hot Idli and crispy dosa for the weekend breakfast.

The consistency of the gravy is the most important thing in this dish. The consistency may also be affected by your cooking method. After adding the dals, if you cook for a longer time it will become thicker and it won’t taste good. The potato also helps to make a thicker gravy, so do not add more potatoes. Now let’s see the recipe in detail with step by step instructions This Kumbakonam Kadappa is loaded with healthy ingredients such as moong dal, coconut paste and potato. The base of the dish is moong dal and potato. The coconut paste is ground with few classic spices, add flavor to this dish.

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Kumbakonam Kadappa Recipe | Side Dish for Idli

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 5
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Main Ingredients

To prepare coconut paste

To Temper


Off On

  1. First pressure cook the moong dal about 2-3 whistle in medium flame

  2. Next prepare the coconut masala paste items given in the list for to prepare the coconut paste.

  3. Heat the pan with oil then season with items given in the list for to temper. Wait until splutter.

  4. Then Add onion sauté it until onion just turns transparent.

  5. Add turmeric power then smashed potato ,then sauté it for few seconds.

  6. Then add cooked moong dal along with add coconut masala paste with 2 cup of water.

  7. Add required salt, cook for about 3-5 minutes.

  8. Finally add curry leaves then switch off the flame.

  9. Ready. Serve with hot Idli


  • Instead of lemon juice, you can add 1 tomato in the recipe. Just fry after onion and proceed.
  • if you like little sour taste after switch off the flame add lemon extract then mix it well. its totally optional

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