Mixed Millet dosa recipe | Siruthaniya dosai Recipe


Millet Dosa is a very healthy breakfast, not only for diabetes, but also for weight loss. Basically, millets are gluten free grain, which are the good source of protein, vitamins, fiber and other essential nutrients like iron, calcium etc. The ancient millets are forgotten and neglected for decades are coming back into many people’s lives as people are realizing the health benefits of these ancient grains. Getting bored to prepare regular dosa batter and looking for some alternatives? try some mixed millet dosa batter and feel the difference. When breakfast is the important meal of the day, then it should be healthy and filling. Having nutrient and protein rich breakfast makes a delicious way to jump-start your metabolism. In this recipe, I decided to mix some of the millets together to get a dosa batter which gives a very tasty healthy dish. Every once in a while, I prepare such dosa to add more nutrition to our daily tiffin items. It can easily go with simple coconut chutney.

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Mixed Millet dosa recipe | Siruthaniya dosai Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 10 min Rest Time 8 hour Total Time 8 hrs 15 mins
Servings: 4


How to make mixed millet dosa recipe

  1. To prepare batter, take idli rice, varagu / kodo millet, kampu/ pearl millet, thinai/fox millet, ragi, skinned urad dal, fenugreek seeds. Wash and soak altogether for at least 5 hrs.

  2. Grind them all in to smooth batter in wet grinder.

  3. Add required salt and allow to ferment for 8 hrs.

  4. After fermentation the batter look like this.

  5. Mix evenly.

  6. Heat the dosa tawa sprinkle little water and wipe it off.

  7. Take a ladleful of dosa batter pour in the middle of the tawa.

  8. Sprinkle enough oil on and around the dosa.

  9. Cook until dosa turns crispy golden brown for both sides.

  10. Once done fold and serve it.

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