Peanut Laddu Recipe | Peanut Sesame Jaggery Ladoo | Healthy Laddu Recipe


Poha Peanuts Sesame Ladoo Recipe | How to make Poha Peanuts Ladoo | Poha Peanuts Ladoo.  As these laddus contain peanuts, jaggery and sesame seeds, they are rich in protein and iron. These guilt free laddus can be had as a snack, can be given to children as after school snacks or can be packed in their snack boxes. Peanuts are high in protein also has many nutrients. These protein ladoos make a good and quick energy for all age groups. No ghee is required to prepare these ladoo. The oil in the roasted peanuts and moisture in the jaggery will be sufficient for binding together. To make these ladoo the other main ingredients is poha and sesame seeds. White poha gives the crunchiness. You can use cornflakes for the same reason. If you want smooth and soft ladoo without crunchiness you can completely skip the poha. If your kids like eat resins and dates we can add in to this ladoo. Additionally, if you want add ghee, slightly warm it and add to make ladoo in shape.

Watch protein rich ladoo recipe.

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Peanut Laddu Recipe | Peanut Sesame Jaggery Ladoo | Healthy Laddu Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 10 min Total Time 25 mins

How to make Peanut Laddu Recipe

  1. To dry roast all ingredients, heat a pan.

  2. Add peanuts and do continuous stirring for 2 minutes in medium flame.

  3. Roast until we can remove peanut’s skin easily.

  4. Transfer in to a plate and allow to cool down to remove skin.

  5. Next add white sesame seeds and do dry roast till all splutter.

  6. Transfer in to a separate plate and allow to cool.

  7. Add and dry roast white poha until turn golden colour.

  8. Keep aside every roasted ingredient and allow them to cool.

  9. Once all cools, rub the peanuts and remove the skin.

  10. In a blender add roasted peanuts.

  11. Add dry ginger without skin.

  12. Blend in to coarse powder using pulse mode.

  13. Add roasted sesame seeds and poha.

  14. Blend in pulse speed for 2-3 times then grind in high speed to make fine powder.

  15. Do occasional mixing to avoid sticking at the bottom.

  16. To this add powdered jaggery.

  17. Blend them all in high speed to make fine powder.

  18. Make it as required consistency.

  19. Take small portion and tightly press and hold to make ladoo.

  20. To garnish use ghee roasted cashew nuts and make all ladoos. Very healthy and tasty ladoo ready for snack or neivedyam

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