Soft Wheat Puttu | Wheat puttu | Godhumai puttu | Kerala Puttu


Puttu recipe with step-by-step pics. A traditional South Indian recipe, Wheat Puttu is made using whole wheat, coconut and sugar. This authentic south Indian delicacy is a perfect balance of sugar cooked with coconut and wheat, which makes this easy Wheat Puttu recipe a healthy choice to go for to satiate those untimely sweet cravings. On a lazy morning, an easy recipe like gothumai puttu, is really a life saver. A better and healthy option than the regular Puttu.  A perfect balance of wheat cooked with coconut makes it an authentic south Indian fragility. Puttu is basically a steamed rice flour and coconut log. Usually, Puttu served with kadala kari is one of the most popular breakfast combinations from Kerala. The combination of soft puttu with kadala kari (black chickpeas curry) is awesome and you should taste it to know what I mean. 

Puttu can be prepared in various ways and one such way of preparing it is by making it as a sweet dish. In fact, wheat Puttu is good for Diabetics, if it is prepared in the right way and not to forget, if it is consumed in the right proportion, as they say too much of anything is harmful. To make it healthier, you can replace regular sugar with stevia or sugar free. Prepared with the goodness of tender coconut, this Puttu recipe is perfect healthy treat, which is high in nutrient value and low in fat.

Wheat Puttu, one of the simplest of breakfast dishes with wheat flour sprinkled with water and required salt to form a coarse mixture.

Sprinkle the water on the puttu podi, mix well with your fingers without forming any lumps, until the puttu podi becomes moist. Be careful while mixing, it should not turn into a dough. The final mixture should be in a powdered form, but wet enough for steaming. To check the consistency, grab a handful of the wet wheat flour and press it. If it holds shape, but crumbles when pressed again, then the consistency should be right. It’s okay if there are some lumps. This is a healthy and wholesome dish that will take you throughout the day.  Puttu is a nutritious and healthiest breakfast that abound with an impressive nutrient profile and health benefits, try to prepare often and start giving to kids. Nowadays my kids like to have our traditional recipes. Mostly I make this wheat puttu for evening snack after coming from school.

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Soft Wheat Puttu | Wheat puttu | Godhumai puttu | Kerala Puttu

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 30 mins
Servings: 3
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Firstly, steam cook the wheat flour.

  2. Take wheat flour and keep it on the white cloth.

  3. And make it as a pack.

  4. Place this packed wheat flout inside the idli pan, once water started boiling.

  5. Steam cooks it in medium flame for 15-20 minutes.

  6. Open the ties and take wheat flour out and keep it on a plate.

  7. It looks likes very hard, but press it with hand or spatula to separate.

  8. Make the flour without any limps.

  9. To make puttu, add salt in water.

  10. Sprinkle this salted water on the steam cooked wheat flour.

  11. Mix it well like crumbly in look.

  12. To check this gently press a small portion of the flour between your palms. It should form a lump. When you press this flour lump more, then it breaks and crumbles. This should be the texture of the flour.

  13. Sieve this flour using big hole siever plate.

  14. Now we get a soft puttu mix.

  15. Add grated coconut and mix well.

  16. Again, for steam cooking, place these wheat flour, coconut mix in a white cloth, cover and place it on a steamer plate.

  17. Steam cook in medium flame for 5 minutes.

  18. To check weather puttu flour is cooked properly or not, take small amount of flour, press and roll it down in finger tips, it’ll hold its shape, means puttu is properly cooked.

  19. Transfer into a wide plate.

  20. Using wooden spatula spread it well.

  21. Add cardamom powder.

  22. Add grated coconut.

  23. Add powdered brown sugar and mix them well.

  24. Add ghee, while serving hot.

  25. Our healthy and delicious wheat puttu is now ready for serving.

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