Sukku Milagu Thipili Kuzhambu | Dry Ginger Pepper Kuzhambu


Sukku Milagu kuzhambu is a south Indian gravy, made with freshly roasted pepper, dry ginger(sukku) and few other Indian spices.  In olden days, before allopathic therapies existed, treatment of many diseases was done widely using three ingredients are, Dry ginger, Black pepper and long pepper whose medicinal values did wonders in curing various diseases. However, as time progressed and modernization cast its “brilliance” on society, awareness and benefits of such traditional cures began to get overshadowed. We have to prepare this kind of medicinal recipe once in 10 days, especially in winter and rainy season. It’s a very healthy kuzhambu variety. Dry ginger help to heal stomach upset or even for acidic issues.  It is used to treat cold, cough, headaches, fever and also for digestion. It goes well with steamed white rice with simple pappad/ fryers.

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Sukku Milagu Thipili Kuzhambu | Dry Ginger Pepper Kuzhambu


To prepare fresh masala

To Tempering


  1. To prepare fresh masala powder, heat the pan and dry roast coriander seeds, red chillies and chana dal in medium flame until aromatic.

  2. Roast few curry leaves and remove all from heat and keep aside.

  3. In same hot pan, dry roast cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, black pepper and sesame seeds. Allow them splutters and turn aromatic in medium flame. remove and keep aside.

  4. Crush dry ginger in motor and pestle to make powder. keep aside.

  5. Grind all roasted ingredients in to fine powder. 

  6. Heat the pan with gingelly oil.

  7. Add items listed under "To Tempering" section.

  8. Add onion and garlic, sauté until turn translucent.

  9. Add turmeric powder mix well then add water and salt and allow to boil.

  10. Add freshly ground masala powder (4 tbsp.) and dry ginger powder.

  11. Cook in medium flame until onion and garlic fully cooked and oil start separates from masala.

  12. Add tamarind paste and allow to cook in medium flame until raw smell goes off.

  13. Cook until oil gets separated and reach desired consistency. in between stirring the curry to avoid sticking masala on the bottom of pan.

  14. Add jaggery powder to balance taste and enrich flavour. it's completely optional.

  15. Garnish with few curry leaves.

  16. Healthy and yummy Dry ginger-Black pepper-Garlic curry is ready to serve.


  • If you don't have Dry ginger piece you can use dry ginger powder
  • Adjust the spice level according to your needs.


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