Hi there! My name is Gomathi Ramesh. My husband Ramesh, and I started Gomathi’s Kitchen in 2018 and develop recipes and recipe videos together. I come from a family of fantastic cooks and I am here to share generations of recipes that are homey, fresh, healthy, family-friendly, authentic, and adventurous. Most importantly, our recipes taste great and you can trust that they actually work.

Gomathi Ramesh

My Family

My husband and me came to the US in 2008. My husband works in IT Company as sr. software engineer. First we started the Youtube channel on Oct 2018. We start the Youtube channel just for hobby. We got so many good response from subscribers. We reached 1 million subscribers in Youtube with in 1.5 years.. Then we decided to do this website on Oct 2020. Just another way to reach more people. I married my wonderful husband Ramesh over 13 years. We are blessed with two children. Every recipe is thoroughly tested and approved by each of us and is often critiqued by relatives and friends. We only post the recipes we love and make over and over. We live in Texas! Our family attends Temples. We strive to walk in love and live our lives by the word of God.

My Background

We are so thankful to be full-time foodies and recipe developers. We are living our dream because of you and I can’t thank you enough! I draw on all of my past experience which make me the recipe developer, video creator, photographer, writer, and business owner that I am today. We set the bar high so you can expect great recipes and videos here. God also my mom & dad blessings has made all of my past experiences work for my good.

My Resume

  • Worked as Youtuber for 3 years
  • Blogging since 2021
  • Earned my Master degree in MBA

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