If Someone Uses These 10 Phrases, They’re a Really Inauthentic Person

In a world where authenticity is a rare gem, deciphering genuine personalities from the mask-wearers can be a challenging feat. We’ve all encountered those individuals whose words and actions seem to be in constant contradiction. They might appear friendly and warm on the surface, but deep down, something feels off. If you’ve ever found yourself questioning someone’s authenticity, pay close attention to the phrases they use – these verbal cues can reveal a lot about their true nature.

1. “Trust Me, I’m Honest”: The Irony of Deception

The very proclamation of honesty raises an eyebrow when it comes from someone who habitually hides behind lies. Think about that coworker who assures you they’re always truthful, yet their stories never quite align. When someone repeatedly emphasizes their honesty, it’s often a sign that they’re overcompensating for a lack of sincerity.

2. “I’m Just Being Real”: Masked Manipulation

The phrase “I’m just being real” can be a smokescreen for offensive or hurtful comments. Imagine a friend who constantly criticizes you and defends themselves by saying they’re merely speaking their mind. This phrase, if overused, might indicate a disregard for others’ feelings under the guise of brutal honesty.

3. “I Don’t Gossip, But…” : Masters of Half-Truths

Beware the person who begins a sentence with “I don’t gossip, but…” More often than not, they’re about to dish out a healthy serving of gossip. They veil their intention with a disingenuous claim of avoiding gossip, only to dive headfirst into the very thing they deny doing.

4. “I Could Have, But I Chose Not To”: Humble Bragging Alert

Subtle bragging can manifest in phrases like “I could have, but I chose not to.” Imagine the acquaintance who boasts about turning down an opportunity, highlighting their achievements while feigning humility. This strategy masks self-promotion behind a veneer of modesty.

5. “Everyone Says I’m…” : Seeking Validation

Individuals who frequently rely on the phrase “everyone says I’m” might be desperate for validation. They use external opinions to build their self-esteem, seeking reassurance from others rather than being secure in their own identity.

6. “Let’s Keep This Between Us”: Stealth Manipulation

The phrase “let’s keep this between us” can be a ploy to manipulate by invoking secrecy. Imagine a colleague confiding in you about someone else, then requesting confidentiality. They’re essentially pulling you into their web of manipulation, making you complicit in their deceit.

7. “I’m Not Like Other People”: The Uniqueness Claim

When someone repeatedly asserts “I’m not like other people,” it’s a potential sign of insecurity. They might be striving to differentiate themselves from the crowd, often at the expense of authenticity. Remember, genuine individuals don’t need to constantly remind you of their uniqueness.

8. “I’m Such a Nice Person”: Virtue Signaling

The proclamation of one’s own niceness can be a red flag. Consider the person who boasts about their kindness or generosity. True virtue doesn’t need advertisement; it shines through actions, not words.

9. “You’re Too Sensitive”: Dismissing Valid Concerns

When someone responds to your concerns with “you’re too sensitive,” they’re downplaying your feelings. This phrase invalidates your emotions and redirects the focus onto your perceived sensitivity, effectively avoiding accountability for their actions.

10. “I’m Just Trying to Help”: Unwanted Interference

The phrase “I’m just trying to help” can mask unsolicited advice or unwanted interference. Picture the relative who insists they’re offering guidance for your benefit, but in reality, they’re imposing their opinions without considering your perspective. In a world where authenticity is a treasure, it’s essential to navigate through the smokescreens of inauthenticity.

By paying attention to these ten phrases, you can become a skilled decoder of true intentions. Authentic individuals don’t rely on rehearsed lines; they communicate with honesty, empathy, and respect. As you engage with those around you, let these verbal cues serve as your compass in distinguishing the genuine from the inauthentic.

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