Take This Survey to Uncover Your True Feelings for Your Partner


Understanding the depth of your feelings for your partner is essential for nurturing a healthy and fulfilling relationship. To gain insights into your emotions and the strength of your connection, we have created a survey.

This survey will help you reflect on your relationship and offer suggestions for areas that may need improvement. Let’s dive in! Survey: Evaluating Your Feelings for Your Partner Answer the following questions honestly, assigning a value of 1 to 4 to each response based on how well it aligns with your feelings.

Once you’ve completed the survey, we’ll provide you with a score and offer suggestions for areas that you may consider addressing.

1. How do you feel when you think about your partner’s happiness and success?
a) Overjoyed and genuinely excited (4)
b) Happy for them, but with a tinge of jealousy or insecurity (3)
c) Indifferent; their success doesn’t affect me much (2)
d) Anxious; their happiness might change the dynamics of our relationship (1)

2. When faced with a disagreement, how do you typically react?
a) Openly communicate, listen, and find a compromise (4)
b) Get defensive and try to prove my point (3)
c) Avoid confrontation and let the issue slide (2)
d) Feel hurt and question the compatibility of our relationship (1)

3. How often do you express appreciation and affection towards your partner?
a) Regularly; I make an effort to show my love (4)
b) Occasionally; I express affection when the moment feels right (3)
c) Rarely; I assume they know how I feel without constant reminders (2)
d) I struggle to express my feelings openly (1)

4. How comfortable are you discussing your vulnerabilities with your partner?
a) Completely comfortable; I trust them with my innermost thoughts (4)
b) Somewhat comfortable; it depends on the topic (3)
c) Uncomfortable; I prefer keeping my vulnerabilities to myself (2)
d) I avoid discussing vulnerabilities altogether (1)

5. Can you envision a future with your partner?
a) Absolutely; I see us growing old together (4)
b) Maybe; I’m uncertain about the long-term future (3)
c) Not really; our paths might diverge at some point (2)
d) I haven’t thought about it much (1)

6. How do you prioritize spending quality time with your partner?
a) I make it a priority and actively plan activities together (4)
b) I try to find time when our schedules align (3)
c) It’s challenging due to busy schedules, but we manage occasionally (2)
d) Spending time together isn’t a priority for me (1)

7. Do you feel comfortable supporting your partner’s personal growth and aspirations?
a) Yes, I encourage their growth and offer my full support (4)
b) I support them, but sometimes fear they’ll outgrow me (3)
c) Their personal growth is their own journey; I’m not heavily involved (2)
d) I’m unsure how to support their personal growth (1)

8. How do you feel during moments of silence or solitude with your partner?
a) Content and at ease; silence doesn’t feel awkward (4)
b) Comfortable, but sometimes silence makes me uneasy (3)
c) Restless; I feel pressured to fill the silence with conversation (2)
d) Disconnected; silence feels uncomfortable and distant (1)

Scoring and Suggestions Add up the values of your responses to the questions. Your total score will help you understand the overall health of your relationship:

  • 32 to 26: Your relationship is strong, but there’s always room for improvement. Consider exploring new activities together to keep things fresh.
  • 25 to 18: Your relationship has potential, but there are areas that may need attention. Focus on open communication and addressing any issues that arise.
  • 17 to 8: Your relationship may be facing challenges. It’s essential to have open and honest conversations to determine if both partners are willing to work on improving the relationship.


The results of this survey are meant to serve as a starting point for reflection and dialogue. Remember that every relationship is unique, and these suggestions are merely guidelines. Use the insights gained to engage in meaningful conversations with your partner, work on areas that need improvement, and continue nurturing the love and connection you share.

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