Vennai Puttu Recipe | Puttu Recipe | Rice Flour Jaggary Pudding 


The puttu was so soft and smooth just like butter. I stirred the mixture for an extra period to get it in pieces. This tasted like pongal in cube form and it was nice. Vennai puttu is made with idli rice. This rice puttu is my grandmother’s special recipe. She used to prepare it very often. It can be made at home with very few ingredients: rice, jaggery, chana dal, coconut, and ghee. The colour of the recipe depends on the type of jaggery used.  This butter puttu has always amazed me with its simplicity, unique texture and taste. It is a gel-like sweet candy that you can never stop eating. When making this recipe there is a time-honoured cooking technique and puttu making from batter is time-consuming. So, people simply prefer to buy it from the shop. But making your own is a rewarding experience. Now many of the traditional sweets are forgotten or get overlooked for fancier ones in bakeries. But that is not the case with vennai puttu. The love for this sweet has not diminished one single bit. It has stood the test of times and is stilled loved by both young and old. After making it you will surely feel that this is Rice flour halwa.

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Vennai Puttu Recipe | Puttu Recipe | Rice Flour Jaggary Pudding 

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 40 min Total Time 50 mins
Servings: 4
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


How to make Vennai Puttu Recipe | Puttu Recipe

  1. Take and clean idli rice.

  2. Wash twice and soak for 2-3 hours.

  3. Decant the soaked water and transfer this soaked rice in to mixie jar.

  4. Grind to make very fine smooth paste with little water.

  5. Take jaggery powder. (Rice :jaggery ratio is 1:2)

  6. Add ½ cup water to dissolve jaggery powder.

  7. Switch off the flame when jaggery powder get completely dissolved.

  8. Precook the chana dal.

  9. Heat heavy bottom pan with water (rice: water ratio is 1:5).

  10. Add salt.

  11. Add ghee to the water.

  12. Add dry ginger and cardamom powder.

  13. Take whisk to mix continuously while adding the batter.

  14. Once water start boiling, add rice batter with continuous stirring.

  15. Keep stirring in medium flame.

  16. In 10 minutes of continuous stirring rice get  cooked well smoothly without any lumps.

  17. Once the rice cooked well add jaggery water through strainer and mix well.

  18. Add cooked chana dal.

  19. Add grated coconut.

  20. Stir continuously in low flame to becoming thick.

  21. Stir till in this consistency picture showed. Switch off the flame.

  22. Transfer these puttu batter in to a serving bowel while it remains hot. Take a small bowel Greece with ghee.

  23. Add little fresh grated coconut.

  24. Add ladle full of batter in to the same bowel.

  25. Leave 5-10 minutes as such.

  26. After 10 minutes it can easily come out from the cup.

  27. In another traditional method of serving, add in idli plate

  28. After sometime we can take it out from the idli cloth plate for serving.

  29. Yummy and very soft vennai puttu is ready for serving.


  • The moment the rice batter gets into the hot water, you will find that it becomes solid and forms lumps. You got to break it and mix well.
  • The Channa dal should be retaining its shape.
  • Channa dal should be in shape, it reassembles quite like halwa or pudding.
  • Adjust jaggery level, ghee as per your taste.
  • Though we are adding more coconut, suggest to prepare and consume on the same day.
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