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Fish fry or masala fish is a mouth-watering and very tempting fried fish recipe made using fresh fish pieces. This is the best masala fish recipe where we need to marinate the coated masala fish pieces and then shallow fry them until they turn soft and crisp. This delicious, crispy and spicy fish fry makes for an apt appetizer or side dish to a meal. It can be served with any variety rice like ghee rice, jeera rice, tomato rice etc. however it also goes well with sambar rice, rasam rice. This recipe needs proper marination for the fish absorb all the flavors and spice. And before start to fry, adding rice flour is need to avoid masala get separate from fish. If you do not have rice flour you can substitute with corn flour. Pl do not use gram or besan flour, because it gives regular baji or pakora taste.

Learn how to make the perfect crispy and flavorful Fish Fry with our easy recipe! Made with fresh fish and a blend of spices, this dish is a crowd-pleaser and perfect for seafood lovers. Follow our step-by-step guide and make restaurant-style fish fry right in your own kitchen. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy meal or an impressive appetizer, our Fish Fry recipe will not disappoint. Try it today! Gomathi Recipes.

Selecting the Fish: The main and the most important part in making fish recipes is the selection of the fish and if a good fish is selected, then half work is done. The fish has to be alive, fresh, then it has to be cut into desired shapes and sizes. The fish selection plays an important role in fish fry masala as every different fish gives out a different taste. There are 3 ways you can fry the fish. Pan-fry: Use oil accordingly. Shallow fry: I have shallow-fried the fish. It is also a standard fish fry recipe followed in my home. Deep fry: in this type we can deep fry in oil. Nethili fry is the most favourite in our home make by deep fry only.

The preparation of this fish fry is with basic Indian spices but what makes this dish stand out is the aroma and flavor that comes through the ingredients. Marination has protein-dissolving enzymes that tenderize the meat. Then, follow any of the 3 ways to fry the fish till golden brown.

Whenever you want to eat, take the required number of pieces and place them on the kitchen counter to defrost. Make sure they are at room temperature before frying.

Fish is a healthy food; we can incorporate often in our daily diet.

There are many reasons to make fish recipe, like

  • Effortless recipe
  • Quick & super easy to make.
  • Restaurant-style.
  • Minimal ingredients.
  • Freeze friendly.
  • Simple cooking techniques.
  • Looks exquisite and sparkles a little brighter on the dining table.
  • A perfect dish to entertain guests.

Apart from deliciousness, fish is known for the abundance of health benefits – a rich source of omega -3 fatty acids important for the body and brain, a good source of vitamins and minerals, lowers the risk of heart attacks. Below is the recipe on how to make masala fish fry which is quick and easy.

Watch Fish fry recipe video.

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How to Make Delicious and Crispy Fish Fry at Home | Meen Varuval | Gomathi Kitchen

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 10 min Rest Time 1 hour Total Time 1 hr 20 mins
Servings: 5
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Take cleaned  fish and  sliced in to desire size.

  2. In a mixie jar add small onions and curry leaves.

  3. Add little tamarind pulp.

  4. Add ginger garlic paste.

  5. Add red chilli powder.

  6. Add turmeric powder.

  7. Add cumin seeds.

  8. Add fennel seeds.

  9. Add black pepper.

  10. Grind them all in to fine paste with little water.

  11. Add this ground masala paste in to fish.

  12. Add salt to these fishes.

  13. Smear the marinade uniformly over the fish pieces.

  14. Marinate fishes for minimum 1 hour.

  15. Before start to fry add rice flour and mix well.

  16. Heat oil in a wide pan to shallow fry the fishes.

  17. Drop the fish pieces in to oil. Do not disturb immediately.

  18. Fry on medium high heat until golden brown. Use a pair of spoons. To avoid breakage.

  19. Add some fresh curry leaves while frying.

  20. Take out the fried fish from the oil.

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