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An addictive sweet dish that’s mostly enjoyed in the winter season, Moong Dal Halwa is a mouth-watering halwa that you can easily prepare at home. Moong dal halwa is known for its labor-intensive process.  It is a classic Indian sweet dish particularly in Rajasthan. Traditionally, soak dal overnight and grind it and then stir, stir, stir the raw lentils until cooked. Keep on stirring and pressing it down on a pan with spatula. This dal, when added with a bit of cardamom, some sugar and a lot of ghee, turns into the most delicious halwa. Moong dal halwa is delicious and one of the sweets you cannot stop eating.  but making this halwa takes a lot of time and effort. This dish mainly prepared in winter season to keep the body warm in northern India. Halwa, every time thinking to prepare Wheat halwa (Tirunelveli Halwa), compare to this, Moong dal Halwa is easy to make for me. for wedding days and birthdays usually, we prefer simple Rava kesari, instead this time I prepared Moong Dal halwa for my wedding day. My husband loves its taste. I add on some Crushed nuts for garnishing. Moong dal itself nice yellow in color and also mend with saffron color, getting nice aroma of cardamom and ghee, really looks mouth-watering dish.

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Moong Dal Halwa | Moong Dal Sheera | Soaked Moong Dal Halwa Recipe | Easy Sweet Recipes

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 30 min Total Time 40 mins
Best Season: Winter


How to make Moong Dal Halwa Recipe

  1. Take and wash yellow moong dal. Soaked in water about 2hrs.

  2. Strain moong dal very well, Transfer them in to mixie jar.

  3. Grind then in to smooth paste.

  4. To make a sugar syrup, add sugar, water and little saffron soaked in water.

  5. Mix it well and add cardamom powder boil in low flame until sugar gets dissolved. Keep the sugar syrup hot.

  6. Heat a pan with enough ghee.

  7. Add Gram flour and fine rava, fry them until turns golden colour.

  8. Add Moong dal paste, keep stirring on low medium flame.

  9. Keep on stirring till all water gets evaporates and moong dal get cooked well, it changes light brown in colour about 20 mins.

  10.  Now add hot sugar syrup.

  11. Stirring continuously in medium flame until ghee gets separates from mixture.

  12. Add chopped nuts for garnishing and keep stirring.

  13. Switch off the flame when ghee ooze out around the pan.

  14. Yummy Moong dal Halwa is ready to serve.


  • suggest to use non-stick pan to make this moong dal halwa.
  • soaking dal is important, as doubles in size and soften the moong dal.
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