Paneer Butter Masala / Restaurant style Paneer Butter Masala / Paneer makhani / Butter Paneer


Paneer butter masala also called Paneer makhani is a slightly sweet creamy dish of paneer (cottage cheese), originating from the Indian subcontinent, in which the gravy is prepared usually with butter (Makhan), tomatoes, cashews or cream. Spices such as red chili powder and garam masala are also used to prepare this gravy.  This recipe is for all the paneer-lovers that you can quickly cook up for a dinner to enjoy with homemade tandoori roti or naan. I am sure most of us have tasted Paneer butter masala at our local restaurants under different names.  But for those of you who are unfamiliar with this dish – Paneer butter masala is a North Indian recipe that translates to “cubes of paneer cooked in a rich and creamy onion-tomato-cashew sauce. “Paneer Butter Masala can be found in most Indian restaurants worldwide, sometimes listed as Paneer Makhani, butter paneer, Paneer Makhan Wala, or Shahi paneer. A survey found that paneer butter masala was one of the top five foods ordered in India restaurants. This delicious paneer dish comes together in 30 minutes and is entirely customizable.  Paneer – the main ingredient, cut into cubes. Use home-made or store-bought paneer, put it in warm water until it’s completely thawed and softs. Don’t immerse it for long, or it will start disintegrating during cooking. Tips to Make the Best Paneer Butter Masala, use nuts in the gravy: use 10-15 cashews for 250 grams of paneer. These nuts make this recipe thick and creamy. Use less spices, this recipe doesn’t need a lot of spices. Add little chili powder and Kashmiri red chili powder (mainly for the color). use enough quantity of cream and butter for giving rich taste. Kasuri methi which are dried fenugreek leaves also add a good flavor and also for restaurant style recipe.

Watch paneer butter masala / Paneer makhani recipe.

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Paneer Butter Masala / Restaurant style Paneer Butter Masala / Paneer makhani / Butter Paneer

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 20 min Total Time 35 mins
Servings: 5
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


To Prepare masala paste

To make curry

How to make Paneer Butter Masala Recipe

  1. Heat the pan with oil and butter.

  2. Add whole Garam masala, stir until gets nice aroma.

  3. Add roughly chopped big Onion, Ginger garlic paste, and tomato. Cook for 5 mins. in a medium flame.

  4. Add 5-7 Whole cashew nuts.

  5. Cook with lid closed till the onions and tomatoes become mushy.

  6. Add garam masala and cumin powder, sauté in medium flame for 2mins.

  7. Now switch off the flame and allow to cool.

  8. Transfer in to blender, grind like a fine paste without add any water.

  9. Heat the pan with water, allow to boil and add pour on the paneer cubes.

  10. Heat the pan with butter.

  11. Add Kashmiri Red chili powder and red chili powder, stir in low flame for few seconds.

  12. Add grinded masala paste and table salt mix well.

  13. Cover with lid and cook for 4-5 min. in medium flame.

  14. Add sugar and garam masala.

  15. Take Kasuri methi in your palm and crush it between both your palms, then add to butter masala gravy.

  16. Cook until oil separates from the masala for 2-3 mins.

  17. Add thick whole milk.

  18. Add paneer cubes and fresh cream.

  19. Cook for another 2 min, garnish with chopped coriander leaves.

  20. Finally add on ½ tbsp. of butter.

  21. Delicious rich creamy Paneer Butter masala is ready.

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