Puttu recipe | Puttu with Puttu maker | Kerala style Puttu recipe | Classical Kuzhai Puttu


Puttu is arguably the most classical breakfast dish of Kerala. Puttu is basically prepared with a steamed rice flour and grated coconut. Almost always served with the Kerala kadala curry (Black chickpeas), ripened Nendran banana and palm sugar. Puttu is a healthy breakfast because cooks in steam without any oil and also, a heavy breakfast keeps your tummy full for some time. Main part of this dish is preparing coarsely ground rice flour, once you start using this homemade flour, I’m sure you don’t want the store bought packed one. For time being you can use that too. To make Kuzhai puttu you need puttu maker or a puttu vessel, but it can be easily cooks in an idli pan also. In olden times puttu was steamed in bamboo logs, which gave the dish an earthy fragrance. If you want a cup shape puttu you can use coconut shell also. While start to cook, mixing warm water to the rice flour, Sprinkle water little by little and mix the rice flour, do not add all water at a time. It’s a layered dish with rice flour and grated coconut alternately in puttu pan. Instead of Preparing usual breakfast like idli, dosa, puttu with a desired side dish in one week end could be a delicious choice. Always serve hot puttu. Definitely kids will love this sugary coconut puttu with little ghee.

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Puttu recipe | Puttu with Puttu maker | Kerala style Puttu recipe | Classical Kuzhai Puttu

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 5 min Rest Time 20 min Total Time 35 mins
Servings: 3
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. Take a raw rice and rinse twice and soak with enough water for 20mins.

  2. Drain the water completely, put the rice on a clean colorless cloth allow it to dry in shades for 10-15mins.  It should be slightly moist. When you touch the rice, there should be some rice sticking on the hand. This is the correct stage.

  3. Once dried transfer in to mixer jar and blend in to fine coarse powder like nice rava(sooji) texture don’t make it to fine powder.

  4. Transfer the coarse rice flour in sieve and sieve with the middle plate. It’ll help to regrind the missed whole rice.

  5. In a heavy pan, dry roast the rice flour over medium heat, stirring continuously for 5 minutes. After that remove from the stove, and let it cool down.

  6. Add required salt in water mix to dissolve. Then start sprinkling in to the rice flour and mix well till you reach bread crumbs consistency.

    Note that the rice flour mixture should be wet but not lumpy. The right consistency is reached when you press the little flour need to hold shape when pressed between the fist, and need to break on further pressing.

  7. Rest for 5 mins. Prepare grated coconut and kept aside.

  8. Take puttu maker/steamer/pan/mold.

  9. Add, 1-2 tbsp. grated coconut to the bottom of the puttu maker then add 2-3 tbsp. of rice flour mixture. Then again add some grated coconut. Prepare the layers as you wish.

  10. Arrange in layer, then tap it on the table for fill up the gaps, don’t press them tightly and close the lid.

  11. Heat the pressure cooker with ½ capacity of water, close the lid and do not keep the whistle, wait till the steam comes out from the lid.

  12. Place this puttu maker over the cooker’s whistle. Cook in a medium flame for 5 mins till the steam coming out from the puttu maker.

  13. Remove the puttu maker from the cooker and wait for 2mins.

  14. Carefully open and push the puttu using iron stick given with the puttu maker from the back.

  15. Yummy hot puttu with coconut is now ready to eat with palm sugar and ghee.


  • We can make puttu flour in larger quantity and grind it in rice mill and store in air-tight container.
  • If we are doing in small quantity, we can use our regular mixer blender.
  • While roasting the flour, do not allow to change in colour it’ll spoil the taste.
  • Roughly for two cups of rice 1/2 cup water is enough.
  • While preparing rice flour after adding salt and enough water, break all the lumps with your finger. alternatively, blend it in a mixer for 2 pulses (not more than that).
  • If you make the layer of rice flour and coconut tightly it’ll take more time to cook and feel hard also.
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