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Urad dal Bonda / Ulunthu Bonda simple and easy deep fried snack recipe made with non-fermented and spiced urad dal batter.it is basically made with the same batter of medu vada with the same mixture of spices but with a different shape. Ulunthu bonda recipe made with urad dal as main ingredient. Chopped coconut and whole pepper take the taste to a whole new level. Its crisp out and soft inside, love the coconut bits the best in this one. perfect snack recipe for evening with coffee or tea.

These fluffy, crunchy, utterly addictive snacks are commonly served with coconut chutney – but are also tasty enough to enjoy on their own or with any other chutney!.

Usually in Tamil Nadu they prepare the batter using wet grinder for proper texture . But today i am going to Show to prepare the batter using Blender (Mixie) with lot of tips to make a fluffy batter like as we prepare using wet grinder batter.

This bonda we won’t use onion so in auspicious day we can to offer god. In Amavasya , Varalakshmi pooja , Adi perukku & Ganesh chathrthi with a different shape. Make our favorite Ulunthu bonda recipe with step-by-step instructions and photos .

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 20 min Cook Time 30 min Rest Time 1 hour Total Time 1 hr 50 mins
Servings: 20
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Urad dal Bonda / Ulundu Bonda simple and easy deep fried snack recipe made with non-fermented and spiced urad dal batter. it is basically made with the same batter of medu vada with the same mixture of spices but with a different shape.



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  1. First wash & soak the dal for 1 hour in refrigerator.

  2. After 1 hour drain the water using strainer. Don't waste the water because we use the same  water while grinding .It will helps to prepare the  fluffy batter.

  3. After 10 minutes add the dal in to the blender (Mixie) with required salt. 

  4. First grind the dal with out water using  pulse mode for 6-8 times.

  5. Now mix the dal then add water grind with less water until fluffy and smooth.

  6. Transfer the batter in deep bowl. 

  7. Now beat the batter for 10-15 minutes using hand or egg beater or electric  beater.

  8. I beat the batter using electric beater for for 5-8 minutes the batter become a fluffy & soft.

  9. Now add rice flour then mix it well . If the batter is too water add little more rice flour as i mentioned but don't add too much otherwise bonda turns hard after frying.

  10. This is the right consistency of the bonda batter not too watery or not to thick batter.

  11. Now add chopped curry leaves ,coriander leaves & chopped ginger.

  12. Now add chopped green chilies & asafetida powder.

  13. Add cumin seeds & black pepper.

  14. Add chopped coconut & mix it well.

  15. Grease your hand well with water and make small desired sized balls.

  16. Heat oil with kadai. Drop bonda in oil carefully.

  17. Keep the flame in medium cook both sides until golden in color. When you turn over to cook the other side, you can keep the flame in medium high. Just make sure the inside gets cooked. For this you have to cook slowly.

  18. Once the bonda turns golden color ,Take from the oil & drain in paper towel and enjoy the hot, crisp bondas!

  19. Now Yummy & Tasty Bonda is ready to serve, I served with tomato kara chutney.



  • Use ice water to grind the urad dal. Grind the batter with very less water and do not run the mixer for long time.
  • If your urad dal is old and less in quality, you may not get more volume of batter, apparently you will get less numbers of bondas.
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