Adhirasam recipe  | Athirasam recipe


Adhirasam one which is top of the list when it comes to the matter of Diwali sweet preparations in South India or any special occasions. This sweet is prepared by using raw rice flour and jaggery syrup. I used to prepare using jaggery syrup, but we can make with sugar syrup too. Two things are important for this recipe one is home made rice and the other is jaggery syrup. for past 10 year i used to prepare Diwali, this is my daughter favorite snack so never miss to prepare. In starting days i did lot of small mistakes but never failed ,my Mom gave lots of tips to correct the mistakes .Most peoples says we have to prepare use mavu pacharisi and jaggery syrup otherwise it wont be good, but I am in USA here i can’t get all special ingredients so my mom gave the idea to prepare the Adhirasam using normal raw rice with regular jaggery but it failed .I tried very carefully and followed my moms instructions. this post also shows How to prepare Adhirasam using normal raw rice with regular jaggery with a lot of tips and tricks. I hope this recipe will help lot of peoples who live in other states. At the same time i gave the tips to use the mavu pacharisi with pagu vellam.

Home made Adhirasam will surely be less oily compared to store bought Adhirasam. Do try this recipe and give your feedback .

Tips to note while making Adhirasam:

1. Buy “Pacharisi” if you can get, else any raw rice will do.

2. Adhirasam  rice flour can be fine or slightly coarse.

3. The ground rice flour should be immediately mixed with syrup into dough.

4. “Paagu Vellam” is important and do not use any other type of jaggery.

5. The string consistency is very important. Do not miss it. always prepare jaggery syrup in low medium flame.

6. You can prepare the adirasam dough well in advance as it keeps good in room temperature for a week.

7. Always cook adhirasam over low flame, else it will darken quickly and burn

8 Don’t press out the all oil from the adhirasam then it will be hard & dry after two days.

1.Why my Adhirasam breaks in oil?

* If you add rice flour before jaggery reaches right stage then adhirasam will break and separate in oil. So cook jaggery till it reaches soft ball stage.

* If the dough is more jaggery like watery it will break .the consistency of adhirasm dough is important.

2.Why my Adhirasam is hard?

* If you cook jaggery syrup too thick. that means next stage of jaggery syrup.

* The dough is very hard then when frying adhirasam it will get hard and chewy.

3.How to troubleshoot the mistakes?

* If the Adhirasam breaks or dissolve the oil add little idiyappam flour or any rice flour, then prepare the dough like a soft chapati dough consistency.

* Or you can add little wheat flour too this method some time little chewy .

* if the dough is little on next day watery keep it another 2 days rice flour absorb the extra moisture.

* If the dough is very hard on next day you can sprinkle little warm waster then prepare the dough.

Hope you will give this a Adhirasam a try and let me know how it turns out for you.

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Adhirasam recipe  | Athirasam recipe

Difficulty: Intermediate Prep Time 3 hour Cook Time 1 hour Rest Time 24 hour Total Time 28 hrs
Servings: 56



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  1. Wash & soak raw rice in water for 1-2 hours.

  2. After 1-2 hours drain the water using strainer.

  3. Spread in a Dry cloth for 1 hour to dry under fan or kitchen counter top, Not a sunny place.

  4. Moisture should be there if you touch the rice. Don't dry rice for long time as it will give rubbery Adhirasam.

  5. Grind the batter using blender Or Wet flour Mill. make sure the flour should be Bombay rava consistency(Not too fine).

  6. Sieve the rice flour using rava sieve (jalladai ) for this, so I understand its important for the flour to be slightly on coarse side.


  7. After you sieve, keep the flour pressed and covered also keep it in narrow container, press it gently so that it locks the moisture and keep covered always so that flour doesn't get dried when we prepare the jaggery syrup.

  8. Now time to prepare Jaggery syrup. Heat the a Heavy bottom pan then add the powder jaggery.

  9. Add required water mix it well in medium flame.

  10. Once its completely dissolved, filter it to remove impurities. Again start heating the jaggery syrup.

  11. Again Boil in jaggery syrup in medium flame always and stir occasionally.

  12. Keep checking the syrup consistency by pouring in water kept in a small bowl.

  13. Whenever check the jaggery syrup keep the flame in low.

  14. The syrup gets thicker and when you pour in water, then it wont get dissolved and you will be able to gather it with your fingers and form a loose ball that stays in hand that is the right stage. switch off the flame.

  15. Now add cardamom powder , ginger powder & little salt mix it well.

  16. Transfer 3/4 of the rice flour in to another container then Immediately pour it to the flour little by little mix it well.

  17. So be careful after you add ¾th of the syrup and keep mixing with a ladle or spatula. The syrup should be super hot directly used from stove.

  18. Now again add remaining rice flour and also add jaggery syrup.

  19. If you are going to prepare in the same day (For Nombu)the dough consistency like a soft chapati dough.

  20. But I am going to prepare after 24 -30 hours ,so i add more jaggery syrup, The dough should not be gooey and on sticky side and it should be very very loose. After some 24 -30 hours, it will get absorbed and get stiff.

  21. Keep it 24-30 hours (2 days if possible, for better result) at room temperature in an airtight container. After 2-3 days keep refrigerated. But let it be out overnight at least for a day.

  22. After 30 hours the dough consistency is like this.

  23. At the time of making, Divide the mix into small balls.

  24. Apply the ghee on Banana leaf or zip lock cover then flatten the Dough using bowl or small plate.

  25. Heat oil in kadai and once it is hot, reduce the flame to low.

  26. To test the dough add little dough in to oil, cook in low flame check it weather it dissolve or breaks. if it will come good no worries Or you can troubleshoot the dough as I mention early.

  27. Slowly drop the adhirasam  in to oil.

  28. Cook in low flame ,don't flip immediately. Once it rises up, immediately flip it and cook. Once it turns golden brown, drain from oil.

  29. Don't over cook the adhirasam like crispy texture ,it shod be soft after take from the oil also it will cook because of hot oil and jaggery.

  30. You must use another ladle and press it to squeeze out the excess oil as shown, as it may retain some oil in it.

  31. Repeat the process for the rest of the dough. Oil should always be in low or medium if needed.

  32. Now our yummy Adhirasam is ready.Once the adhirasam cooldown keep it in airtight container.


  • The dough should be very loose when you make adhirsam. If it is stiff, then your Adhirasam will become hard and chewy. So you have to add a tbsp. of milk or water and knead the dough well again and try making. This will ensure the adhirsam to be soft.
  • If you cook the adhirasam like a crispy texture later on it will be very crispy like a murukku


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