Chicken biryani recipe | Pressure cooker chicken biryani


Chicken Biryani Recipe with Video and Step By Step Photos. Chicken Biryani is a popular non veg dish which is a mixture of chicken, rice and aromatics (spices). Biriyani is a royal and luxurious delicacy served on special occasions. This chicken biryani is prepared using aromatic and healthy Seeraga samba rice which is grown in southern parts of India, instead of Basmati rice. Today I am going to prepare biryani using pressure cooker. This is my home style biryani recipe “My mom secret recipe”. My family love to enjoy this biryani in every Sunday. We can prepare same method of biryani using mutton , shrimp & egg too. Now a days my kids favorite biryani is very simple & tasty biryani recipe.

It is a different style of making this spicy versatile masala mix biryani with infinite smell, “oh man it is really different experience after tasting this.It is made with traditional rice of tamilnadu , it’s name is Seeraga samba Rice it has selenium helps to prevent cancer and strengthen heart. It has a very popular smell and it is very expensive Rice of southern india.

Seeraga samba rice gives unique flavor of this biryani, Instead of Seeraga samba rice you can use basmati rice too. I prepare today using cooker in my mom some prepare Dum method using biryani pot made of brass with tin coated pot. olden day peoples use that traditional pot for prepare biryani. Surely will post that method using my mom traditional pot .

Watch How to make this Chicken Biryani Recipe in Tamil

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Chicken biryani recipe | Pressure cooker chicken biryani

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 15 min Cook Time 30 min Total Time 45 mins
Servings: 7
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Chicken Marination

To prepare Biryani preparation

How to make chicken biryani recipe

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Chicken margination

  1. First Marinate the chicken using thick curd ,red chili powder, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste ,salt & garam masala powder. mix it well.

  2. marinate the chicken for about 2 hours in refrigerator.

  3. In a mixie jar add mint leaves, coriander leaves, small onion ,green chili & Small onion.

  4. Blend like a fine paste with out water. fresh masala paste is ready

  5. Heat the pressure cooker ,add Ghee & oil.

  6. For seasoning add  cinnamon, cloves, cardamom ,star anise , bay leaves. 

  7. Once its splutters add  onion, statue until turns light golden color. while sauté add little salt .

  8. Once the Onion cooked half add green chilies too.

  9. Once the Onion turns golden color add ginger garlic paste, also add garam masala powder & little Chilli powder .Sauté it until turns raw smell goes.

  10. In this Time add Wash & soak the rice , soak the rice 20-25 minutes ,after 25 minutes strain the water from the rice.

  11. In this stage add tomatoes ,Statue until turns mushy.

  12. Now add mint & coriander paste, sauté it until raw smell goes off.

  13. Add curd & cashew nuts, Sauté well. until oil separates.

  14. Add Marinate chicken , White sauté add required salt .Sauté well with out water.

  15. Cover & cook about 4-5 minutes in medium flame.

  16. After 5 minutes add 4 cup water(1 Rice: 1.5 water).

  17. Cover & cook in medium flame until in 5-8 minutes.

  18. Once the chicken is cooked half then add rice with out water.

  19. Add required salt also add lemon extract.

  20. Reduce the flame in low-medium cover & cook another 4-5 minutes until water  reduce.

  21. Now place the fresh banana leaf close pressure cooker .

  22. Pressure cook about 10 minutes in low -medium after 10 minute switch off the flame. Rest time 15 minutes don't open the cooker.

  23. After 25 minutes open the pressure cooker. Mix it gently.

  24. Add little ghee & garnish with coriander leaves.

  25. Yummy Chicken Biryani is ready to serve. Serve with raita .


  • Instead of Seeraga samba rice you can se basmati rice too .
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  1. which onion you use for small onion in your recipe? Pearl onions or Shaaots? we can’t find our indian variety chinna vengayam here in US.

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