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Chettinad Vellai Appam, the Essence of South Indian Flavors

Chettinad Vellai Appam, also known as Vellai Paniyaram, is a cherished South Indian delicacy that encapsulates the essence of Chettinad cuisine. These fluffy, white, and slightly crispy dumplings are made from a fermented rice and urad dal batter, creating a delightful blend of textures. The unique flavor of Vellai Appam comes from the subtle spices, coconut, and curry leaves that are infused during the preparation. Whether enjoyed as a breakfast treat, snack, or part of a traditional feast, Chettinad Vellai Appam is a delightful embodiment of South Indian culinary craftsmanship, showcasing the region’s intricate flavors and culinary heritage.

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Chettinad Vellai Appam | Vellai Paniyaram Recipe | Gomathi Kitchen

Difficulty: Beginner Cook Time 15 min Total Time 15 mins
Servings: 5
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Chettinad Vellai Appam, a South Indian delicacy, are fluffy, crispy dumplings made from fermented rice and urad dal batter, infused with subtle spices and coconut.


To prepare Madurai special Vellai appam / Bonda

To prepare Green chilli chutney


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To prepare vellai appam

  1. Begin with take ingredients like, raw rice, idli rice and whole urad dal.

  2. Wash and soak altogether for 4-5 hrs.

  3. Use Grinder or mixie to make them in to fine paste. Vellai appam batter consistency should be like dosa batter consistency.

  4. Add salt and mix thoroughly. Allow the batter to ferment for about 4-5 hours.

  5. After fermentation, mix well and take the required quantity of batter in a separate bowel.

  6. To this batter add asafoetida powder, cumin seeds and pepper corns.

  7. Add chopped coconut, ginger, and some fresh curry leaves.

  8. Mix everything well. The batter consistency should be moderately thick and flowing.

  9. Heat the oil in a pan for frying.

  10. Add some chopped onion (optional).

  11. Pour a spoonful full batter into the hot oil. Use the wet spoon to nonstick of batter.

  12. Fry the bond over medium heat, and flip once it reaches golden.

  13. Remove from the pan once cooked nicely and both the sides reaches golden.

  14. Outside crispy and softy inside vellai appam is now ready.

To prepare Green chilli chutney

  1. Heat oil in a pan.

  2. To this add channa dal, sauté well till it turns golden. Remove everything without any oil and keep it aside.

  3. Add green chillies in to the same hot oil. Once they turn pale in colour remove them from the pan.

  4. Allow sauteed chana dal and green chillies to cool.

  5. After cool down. Transfer these in to a mixie jar.

  6. To this add asafoetida powder.

  7. Add grated coconut.

  8. Add salt to this chutney.

  9. Grind them all by adding water little by little to make slightly coarse paste.

  10. Tasty green chilli and coconut chutney is ready to serve with bonda.

  11. Tasty Madurai special Vellai appam is now ready for munching with spicy green chilli chutney.


  • While grind the batter for vellai appam make them in to fine paste.
  • Vellai appam batter consistency should be like dosa batter consistency. Not too thick nor thin.
  • If the batter is too thick it won’t be cook properly, if too thin the bonda absorbs more oil while frying.
  • Adjust green chillies as per your taste for chutney.
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