wheat dosa recipe | instant wheat flour dosa | godhuma dosa | Godhumai Dosai | Dosai Recipe


Wheat adai dosa is a healthy and tasty breakfast and dinner recipe.  My mom often makes this adai dosa as it is instant and we don’t want to grind anything. Before marriage it is the constant dinner, we don’t have idli dosa batter. We were all have without any doubt. But after marriage, initially my husband and kids didn’t prefer, then decide to incorporate I try many variations. Finally, I got this recipe. Now they are accepted for dinner. It can be served as such but it tastes delicious when served with any chutney. Godhuma adai or wheat flour onion adai is an easy recipe with simple ingredients, yet makes an amazing dinner. you can add onions raw or sauteed too. this goes well with coconut chutney or simply a raita made with sautéed onion as we always do. No need for fermentation, they can be consumed as a snack or for dinner by people who suffer from acidity. My husband like spicy onion mint chutney with this wheat dosa.

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wheat dosa recipe | instant wheat flour dosa | godhuma dosa | Godhumai Dosai | Dosai Recipe

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 5 min Cook Time 5 min Total Time 10 mins
Servings: 3
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year



  1. To prepare wheat dosa batter, in a mixie jar add red chillies.

  2. Add equal quantity of cumin seeds and fennel seeds.

  3. Pulse grind to make rough coarse powder without any water.

  4. Add wheat flour to this spice mixture.

  5. Add fermented idli dosa batter or curd.

  6. Add salt as per requirements, because idli batter also having salt.

  7. Add turmeric powder.

  8. Add water and grind to mix properly.

  9. Add water rinsed the mixie jar and add in o the batter mix.

  10. Mix them well to reach dosa batter consistency.

  11. To tempering the batter heat oil.

  12. Add mustard seeds once start splutter, add split urad dal.

  13. Add asafoetida powder and mix.

  14. Add chopped onion and sauté till it get half cooked.

  15. Add salt to the onion.

  16. Add grated fresh coconut.

  17. Add chopped green chillies. 

  18. Keep aside this  tempered and sauteed onion.

  19. Prepare and rest the wheat flour dosa batter till cool down the sauteed onion.

  20. Add sauteed onion to the wheat dosa batter.

  21. Add chopped coriander leaves.

  22. Mix well and add water to reach required consistency.

  23. Heat dosa tawa and pour ladle full of batter and spread like little thick dosa.

  24. Sprinkle oil or ghee around the adai dosa.

  25. Cook in medium flame wait till it get half cooked and turn little golden yellow.

  26. Flip and cook other side.

  27. Wait until turn slight golden brown.

  28. Tasty and healthy wheat flour adai dosa is ready for serving.

  29. Serve perfectly with spicy onion chutney or simple coconut chutney.


  • Serve hot. Serve with any type of chutney or sometimes it can go with sauteed onion raita.
  • You can add raw onion and cumin seeds as such to the batter it gives different taste.
  • Prepare and use wheat batter, better to avoid to store it.
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